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What are Keywords used for?
On, we make it easier to find your images quickly with our keyword searching feature

The Keywords search feature allows you to search your gallery and find photos that match keywords you entered when you uploaded your photos. Images matching your search words from multiple-albums will be displayed.

NOTE: The search feature will only be helpful if you have entered keywords describing your photos when you uploaded them. You may add photo keywords to your images at any time on the photo Edit screen.

Try to think of one or two specific descriptive words that most closely describe your photo.

Examples of keywords would be:

  • Larry, Birthday
  • Summer, Beach
  • Summer, Party, pool
  • Birthday, party, Angela
  • winter, Vacation, 1999
In the above examples of different keyword entries stored for images, a search for "party" would show pictures of the "summer pool party", and "Angela's Birthday Party".
We hope this section has been helpful in answering your question, if you continue to have problems, don't hesitate to send us your question by email at any time.
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